Jitaku Keibiin 2 episode 1


The man’s name is “Ai Haibara Hikimori”. A dark cloud hangs down in his life, which has been protecting the mansion where he was born as a home guard for many years.
His aunt “Shiho Haibara” and his daughter “Reina”
will be handed over to them at the wedding of Rena, who is approaching a week later. I have.
In order to get the mansion in his hands, Mamoru uses a number of voyeur machines to explore the weaknesses of his brother and sister, Rena.
Tight soft skin wrapped in a business suit.
When he takes off his suit, the richly grown milk comes out.
Rena who writhes alone in her room at midnight.
Disturb her pure labia.
What is her secret lust that she usually shows …
A white and expressionless death mask. The eyes of a horny beast (Manako) peeking from below licks the defenseless foolery of women through a surveillance camera.