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Nuki Doki! Tenshi to Akuma no Sakusei Battle episode 1

Firika who is pacifying is a devil girl.
Firika, who was driven out as a representative of the absurd deathmatch between the demon world and the heavenly world, which was to defeat the fools and humans first, was slurping in her mouth with a cock that stood up unpleasantly.
“Taku, why should I do this?” While
complaining, when I tried to swallow the end and the offspring, ”
What a human habit, the princess of the demon world.”
Yamato, a young man who squeezed out his offspring sloppyly, did not seem to fall into such a contract without knowing it.

It’s a shock to Firika, who has been doing whatever she wants.
The destination where I left it to my anger and jumped out was the moonlit sky, and Firika rushed into the sky from above, straddling the upside-down Yamato.
However, Firika, who is still stunned by Yamato, who never falls, visits the threat of heaven, Sera-chan, a natural dojikko angel.
“What’s that guy?”
Sera-chan, who is the opposite of herself, gently wraps Yamato with her graceful big breasts and embracing power. It is a natural powerful weapon with a smile that is troubled by looking up.
In front of Firika-sama, who looks away from her eyes, she sees a Yamato stick that made her gently guide Sera-chan’s health more than she did, and her regrettable gaze. It stayed.