Nuki Doki! Tenshi to Akuma no Sakusei Battle episode 2


Sera-chan, an angel with big breasts who saved Yamato who was verge of dying.
She was dressed in tight nurse clothes on the bed in her hospital room and sucking Yamato-kun’s pacifier, which she couldn’t move, for further nursing care.
“Yamato-san, it’s big, please feel good with Sera’s mouth ♪”
Sera-chan, who holds a meat stick with her lower mouth after the soggy service, is her feelings. Contrary to Sato, it was a full-blown expression …

On the other hand, Tsundere’s devil girl, Firika, who had a good toco taken by Sera, was holding her knee alone on her roof.
What’s more, if the two of you in the city are worried and chase after you, you will be shown a fierce play on a crowded train.
At the maid cafe where the two of them stopped by,
“Hmm, you like this kind of thing, right?” She was
dressed in a maid costume, and when she sat down at the table in front of Yamato-kun,
she was pure white . While showing off her shorts, she pinched Yamato-kun’s head with her legs.