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Sex Ward episode 1

20-year-old Satsuki Aoyagi will work at Ishikawa General Hospital as a new nurse. Naho Ota, who was hired with her, has seen her Satsuki as a rival since her nursing school days. She is the type who competes with her good point because her work is slow. On the contrary, Satsuki often makes mistakes and loses at the crucial point even though she is serious. The director, Yutaka Ishikawa, has a mistress relationship with the wife, Yuriko Kato. Yuriko gets angry when she grins, “This year’s new nurse is pretty cute.”

Hideyuki, the only son of the director and his successor, is a good surgeon. Handsome and single, he is the idol of women in the hospital. It is rumored that he will eventually marry Midori Nakamura, an obstetrician and gynecologist, who he has known since he was a student, but it seems that he is not engaged. Naturally, she became popped from the time she met Satsuki at first sight, but she gave up thinking that she was not balanced by any means. However, for some reason Hideyuki was beginning to be more interested in Satsuki …