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True Blue episode 2

Contrary to the adorable face chosen by Miss Gakuen, the twin breasts that breathe brilliantly, and the hips that hang up in a good shape keep the tension peculiar to adolescence, but the softness is added by being exposed to the spirit of a man and the gravy drips at any moment. Such ripe elasticity is transmitted even through the skirt. From a neat and pretty virgin-to a female who attracts the eyes of not only boys but all the men who go by and gives off a sweet body odor, her heroine Aoi Kanzaki undergoes her transformation. The flesh that just knew the man was too fragile in front of the extraordinary big cock and unequaled energy of physical education teacher Masada.

In the courtyard during class, in front of a childhood friend secretly staring at me, I cry and cry at the sneaky command of a man who runs a worm just by looking at his face. (Body) seeks the semen of a male and twists obscenely, leading a thick chunk of meat to the depths of his own aphrodisiac. Knowing that, the second “Cuckold” ○○ that you can enjoy the masochistic despair that you can not do anything about your childhood friend who is pickled in a big cock has already appeared!