True Blue episode 1


Adorable looks that look good with a large ribbon, the thighs that peek out from the skort every time you run around the coat show the fulfillment unique to adolescence, and the bulge of the chest that is emphasized more flexibly due to the waist is full of weight. .. Unprotected from a man’s line of sight, it looks like a virgin. That is Aoi Kanzaki, the heroine of this work. A physical education teacher who boasts a big cock is noticed, and a deep kiss is made in front of her childhood friend’s lover. The mature breast is used to serve the big cock, and it is forced to measure the body of ○○ such as urine examination.

The heartbeat rises to the big cock that should be abhorred, and the symbol of the warped man burns into my mind. You can enjoy the masochistic excitement of a childhood friend who is falling, and enjoy the bitter and sweet taste of “cuckold” in combination with the profanity of the beep pear. The teacher’s head doesn’t disappear … Thick and hard punch line … Much more than Akihito … Aoi Kanzaki, a childhood friend who has grown up with her rooms next to each other since she was a child. I thought she would stay with me all the time …

The fact that she was selected as Miss Mikage Gakuen as soon as she entered school upset our destiny. Akihito Kurusu and Aoi Kanzaki spent their days in love with each other and couldn’t confess because they were too close to each other. However, Masada, a physical education teacher, aims for the beauty of Aoi, who was selected as Miss Mikage Gakuen. Masada gives priority to desires for everything, and for Aoi, he is forced to approach while showing off his proud big cock while changing clothes without any tricks. Take off Aoi who fainted at the symbol of the man who witnessed for the first time, and first forced fucking! Sprinkle the accumulated cloudy liquid on her face and pollute Aoi.

Akihito, who was looking for Aoi, faced the scene. He was shocked by the appearance of Aoi who made a female voice that he had never heard of, and he could not do anything and was just shown the whole story. Hell began from that day. Aoi is forced to take a physical measurement as a proof of remorse because she is squeezed for violating the school rules of her underwear in the clothes inspection of Masada who pretends to be her weekly duty. Akihito sees the situation from behind again. Furthermore, Masada approaches her urine examination, and Aoi is deprived of her sanity by force. She is finally taken to Akihito’s room, where she is drunk and she is stripped naked when she is drunk.

When Akihito rushed in, there was a female (woman) begging for a man. “I like Akihito, but now I’m okay with the punch line. I want to have a thick and hard pacifier!” Sprinkle the blood of deflowering. Not only did she break up with her virginity in the baptism of a ferocious meat stick (man), but Aoi was released deep into her limbs. Akihito is in front of her childhood friend’s sad appearance. Akihito …… The teacher’s juice will reach the womb ……