Ikusa Otome Valkyrie Shinshou episode 2


Valkyrie and Skuld have been captured by the Demon King’s army due to the betrayal of the goddess Freyja.
The insects overrun Skuld’s limbs, which are still young. Insects that have entered the intestines invite the host to pleasure with mucus that has an aphrodisiac effect, and lay eggs and breed.
Her expression was that of a pregnant woman, but her expression was a fallen goddess drowning in the pleasure of aphrodisiacs.
She is scattered by Duke of the Demon King’s army, and while suffering from the pain of her deflowering, Skuld gradually takes on her sweetness in her voice and begins to shake her hips herself.
And Valkyrie who is also raped by Duke and endures hard while being attacked by the waves of pleasure, if he never becomes a captive of lust even if insects are inserted.
Will Valkyrie become a prisoner of pleasure, following Freyja and Skuld, the goddesses who have fallen into flesh?