Stringendo: Angel-tachi no Private Lesson episode 10


Endo secretly looked into Mr. Mikura, who was taking off his clothes, to enter the hot springs .
From the crotch of Mr. Mikura, the semen that remained at the time of the moment drips.
Mr. Mikura, who goes into the hot spring with Endo as it is, grows greatly to show him.
Endo’s beautiful limbs in full view and her crotch in Bing … Mikura-san, who noticed it, reached out her hand and gently wrapped Endo’s cock.
Then another user approached there !?

“Would you like to try the delivered product?”
Tanabe was looking forward to the arrival of a certain product in front of the courier box.
A deliveryman just came there, but the deliveryman was Mr. Shibuya.
Mr. Shibuya, who was curious about the items he was waiting for, confirmed that there was an electric massage machine inside.
When Mr. Shibuya is amused and stimulates Tanabe with an electric massage machine, he can not stand it and gets acme.
Mr. Shibuya, who was excited about it, asked me to “try it for me …” …