Shishunki Sex episode 4


Sugiyama, who is enthusiastic about education, continues to provide life guidance to students who come to school at the school gate.
Since he was the day before winter vacation, he was more enthusiastic than usual.
Yoshizawa was a gal who didn’t care about Sugiyama’s guidance, but the skirt of a uniform that was too short to violate school rules was changed to a jersey. Yoshizawa is disappointed.
Sugiyama tells him that he is giving guidance for Yoshizawa, but it was a wasteful effort.
On the day of the winter vacation, when he was worried about the guidance that did not go well, Sugiyama decided to call Deriheru and enjoy the vacation with a slimy play with lotion.
However, the girl in uniform who appeared was her student Yoshizawa.
Sugiyama was trying to get him back, but Yoshizawa, who was in her underwear, took a two-shot photo and was forced into a situation where he couldn’t change.