Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai episode 4


Kisara and Momoka’s Love Game !? Squeeze the cloudy milk and enjoy it !!

Tomoya feels that the Flower staff isn’t enough to make a selling adult game.
It is analyzed as “passion for eroticism”.
Kisara and Momoka have begun to like Tomoya, who is working hard on her work.
She doesn’t know that she has such feelings, and Tomoya actually gives a lecture to them with sex.
Thanks to Tomoya’s physical advice, Kisara’s paintings have improved and Momoka’s scenario has improved.
As a result, Tomoya has a physical relationship with both Kisara and Momoka.
One day, Kisara, who became a slump, calls Tomoya to the conference room even though there are still other staff members, and asks for advice with Tomoya’s body as usual.

Momoka, who was suspicious of the two who did not come back easily, entered the conference room.
Momoka “Terrible … Mochizuki-kun … I … I … I was serious …”
Kisara “A little peach. I can’t abandon it. Momo, let’s play! Use each other’s bodies! ”
Momohana” I’ll take it! Tomoya-san’s body is for me only! ”
Suddenly unfolding, Tomoya’s struggle erotic erotic cloudy milk squeezing game.

Two people competing for how much sperm can be squeezed from Tomoya’s body using their own body.
Kisara and Momoka squeeze sperm from Tomoya’s body by making full use of all kinds of eroge techniques such as missionary position, doggy style, woman on top posture, squeezing Fuyo, and warp of Natsuki.
Moreover, Iori who was peeping at Sole started masturbating, and her love juice and semen were scattered with Achikochi ….