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Ryoujoku Guerrilla Kari 3 episode 2

Female pilot “Giselle Berthier” who is nicknamed “Red War Maiden”.
Seeing Elene’s foolery, which she admired like her sister, she smolders her secret feelings for her brother, her fiancée. Her nasty idiot of her Elene stuck in her head Gisele comforted her hot body. Roger appears there. She inevitably humiliates Giselle, who tries to resist her, as “a lewd woman than Elene” …
Giselle remembers her sullen face in Elene.
“Oh, I don’t have such a bad face …” A
nasty self who can never be shown to her brother who has her feelings. However, Roger’s ○○ who does not say her presence is exposed to her unpleasant face. Gisele, who was forced to accept her unpleasant self, fell to the end of her endless XX.