The magical tool shop man’s daughter


Japanese Title: 魔法道具店の男の娘

In a mystical town filled with strange creatures and magical beings, a man runs a small shop selling various magical tools and gadgets. His daughter, a young girl named Akane, helps him with his business and dreams of becoming a skilled inventor like her father.

With the help of her father’s magical tools and her own inventive skills, Akane sets out to protect the store and unravel the secrets of his family’s powerful magic. Along the way, she faces dangerous pervert fellow, makes new friends, and discovers the true potential of her own magical abilities.

“The Magical Tool Shop Man’s Daughter” is a 28-minute animated movie produced by the animation studio ワピワピ (Wapiwapi). It is set to air on February 26, 2023, and promises to be a thrilling adventure full of magic and wonder.