Faruzan Anime + Yae Live2D Anime Part 2


japanese:ファルザンアニメ + 八重_live2dアニメpart2

Shaggy SUSU, a Taiwanese independent manga artist, is set to release the second part of their animation series titled “Faruzan Anime + Yae Live2D Anime”. The hentai parody of Yae Miko ( Genshin Impact) is aired on March 30, 2023, and have a duration of five minutes.

The animation is being produced by Shaggy SUSU’s animation studio, Shaggy SUSU. Shaggy SUSU is known for creating adult-oriented manga, illustrations, and Live 2D productions. They take pride in their work and are motivated by the support of their fans.

In a statement, Shaggy SUSU expressed gratitude to their supporters, saying, “Your support is a great motivation for me. I will continue to practice and draw better pictures. If you like my work, please join my fan club!”

Shaggy SUSU’s dedication to their craft and commitment to improving their art is evident in their work.