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Mesu Kyoushi 4: Kegasareta Kyoudan episode 5

Utaho , a physical education teacher who is very popular with students, feels free to treat anyone without any distinction
. I’m ready, I’ll never talk about this. Please be careful of you guys too
. A secret consultation that should not be revealed to anyone … The camera is a
female teacher, Miyuki, who is using her chin as a limb that she was catching. The information provided inside was a good material for him who was always trying to humiliate the female teachers …
did he lose his words to the evidence that he was struck by it? I want the body while showing off the meat stick that stands up bravely.
If you do that … Will the video be erased?
For the students, Utaho presents the limbs that seem to
pop in a lively manner as requested ………… Contrary to the thought that he will never lose, the body that should gradually resist is hotly eroded. I didn’t notice …