Nami no Naminami Naranai Monogatari: Pirate Assault


Japanese:なみの 並々ならない物語 女航海士・極限凌辱

A stunning anime “One Piece” pirate treasure is the focus of this steamy adventure film, featuring Captain Nami and her perilous journey through a world of sexual torment. In a bar, Nami is spotted as a striking figure, having once been a feared pirate. A sharkman, seeking revenge, takes advantage of her vulnerability by drugging her drink. Nami is then subjected to a horrific sex experience, becoming the unwilling victim of a vicious rapist. Watch as Nami is forced to become a sex slave, flooded with a disgusting mixture of shark semen and left completely at the mercy of her captors. The 32-minute film features high-quality 3DCG animation and is available in MPEG4 (H.264) format, with a resolution of 640×480 and a bitrate of 460kbps. The voice of Nami is provided by Hana Izawa, while the music is composed by Rengoku Teien. This intense, erotic experience is brought to you by FINAL FUCK 7.