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Mesu Kyoushi 4: Kegasareta Kyoudan episode 1

Female teacher Miyuki Takamine is a high-ranking car.
She even looks down on her own students, as she says things clearly because of her returnees and sniffs her excellence.
She was Miyuki looking down on him today, but … it seems that she was a little different.
“There are only Sensei and me here.”

Miyuki is kneeling on the floor with her hands on her red cheeks. However, when she returns to me, she begins to scream more than usual.

“What’s up, you, I’m going to appeal to you, drop out, drop out …”

Miyuki, who had no way of doing anything against his power to attack Miyuki, was just a doll that screamed.

A virgin who is humiliated and forcibly robbed. Kazuya, who puts all of Miyuki under his control.
“Well, let’s get started”

Seishu Gakuen was established by the elite who left the Shukaikan Gakuen, the number one super-advanced school in Japan.

It was Kazuya who controlled the elite female teacher + slumps with her body and started to move to become a female ○○.