Mesu Kyoushi 4: Kegasareta Kyoudan episode 2


Maki, a female teacher who was suspicious of Kazuya, a sudden transfer student.
When she sees her attitude toward Kazuya, a female teacher of Heppoko, and has doubts close to her conviction, she
chases her suspicious behavior and enters an empty classroom … in her trap. Know that you were fucked.
“Ku … you …”

A virgin who resists but is forcibly scattered.

Maki is distorted in pain, but her bullish expression does not collapse.
“You can do as much as you like. It’s cheap if you can protect it with this kind of thing.”

Kazuya drives such Maki into a fold.

Maki with the vibs toy is desperately about to collapse.

Although he desperately manages Kazuya’s grinning eyes, he has no spare capacity to resist the aching flesh …
“Kuu, put it out loosely and put out that stinky semen.”

Maki begs for a meat stick that pushes up in all directions.

His eyes were filled with nasty light, while his bullish expression remained unchanged.