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Mesu Kyoushi 4: Kegasareta Kyoudan episode 4

Kazuya who bite Heppoko female teacher Miyuki and Iron Masked female teacher Maki respectively fell the school principal Yuri who is Honmaru as the next target In order to do that,
I decided to use Miyuki to get close to it with immediate effect …
Kazuya, my nephew, did not punish the suspicion, and Maki’s attention was implicitly muddy.
Heppoko Miyuki’s maid cosplay that was spread out in front of me was shown a lot of violent shots of foolery, and when I was told face to face that it was done by myself, this child is still … I have no choice but to think.
“But what’s the purpose …”
Still, when he showed his weakness and was taken in, he asked with a calm expression as usual while being strong …
A nephew who declared that he wanted to like his body. I was amazed at the unscrupulousness of the person and got angry …
“Wow, I understand … I should take it off …
” It’s not that it’s been done, in order to protect the students, no matter how much this body
… I was staring at her

On top of that, Yuuri who has done the instruction full of humiliation of violently cum urination.
In the audiovisual room, I was treated as a meat stick during class, and while receiving all kinds of humiliation with barely exposed blowjob service, I was pointed out that I had an exposure habit
. It was Yuri desperately denying it ,
but in Kazuya’s camera, which trained to take a gonzo with the camera in one hand, the figure of the school director who was ecstatic with an ecstatic smile while denying it was contained.