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11 Model T

Model T, also known as Identification Type 11T, is a general-purpose preference-model android developed for physiological use in combat models. Despite being created for combat purposes, accounts suggest that Model T may be a prototype of the combat model. The exact periodization of Model T is difficult to determine due to its prehistory.
What sets Model T apart from other androids is its pseudo-human orientation and personality. Each unit of Model T has individual differences in personality, making them relatively stable in comparison to other models. Although Model T is powered by basic technology, its heat supply is highly unstable. To mimic human life, Model T has an organic circulatory system and metabolic reactions similar to those of living organisms.

“Model T: A High-Quality 3D Sex Movie”

In a far-distant future, a generic Model T android is left behind in a devastated world. The android, imitating human reproductive behaviour, becomes the subject of a high-quality 3D sex movie. The 21-minute animation, produced by Vincent Studio, depicts the pseudo-human orientation and personality of Model T in a unique and captivating way.
The animation, which premiered on August 15, 2022, explores the themes of artificial intelligence, human behavior, and the relationship between technology and sexuality. Model T serves as a reflection of the complexities of human nature and the advancements of technology in the future.
In conclusion, Model T is a unique and intriguing android that showcases the potential of artificial intelligence and technology in imitating human preference and behavior. With its combination of basic technology, pseudo-human orientation, and individual perso