A bimbo demon King


Hentai parody of Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken.

Japanese title:ゲス男と言いなり魔王


Due to the abnormal value on Gesu Counter struck by the reigning king of rudeness, Gesuo, a terrifying demon king was summoned from another world. In the second installment, the biggest crisis in the history of the Earth is about to occur as the demon king sets his sights on Gesuo, who has finally caught her attention. The demon king tries to forcefully scout Gesuo into her ranks, while Gesuo desperately pleads with her, resulting in a fierce struggle that takes away even his breath and causes him to forget about his homework. This is a modern depiction of the struggle for survival, portraying the conflict between those who foolishly touched the untouchable and the pitiful fruits that are being devoured mercilessly.

Anyway, Demon King-chan, run away!!