Mahou Shoujo Sae episode 2


There is a country of wizards called “etherland It was contraindicated to invade the human world, which is a different world, from Etherland, and the two worlds were separated by the Queen’s anti-demon barrier.
However, from a certain time, some senior wizards broke through the anti-magic barrier and began to appear in the human world without permission. These “violators” suck their thoughts directly from humans and try to gain even more powerful magical power.
Therefore, the Queen of Etherland thought about turning a talented human into a wizard and repelling the violators.
Meanwhile, Sae, who was selected as the 13th instant wizard on a sunny day, listens to the wishes of Emit, a fairy who came by the Queen’s order, and transforms into a magical girl.
Violators have different tastes, and many prefer nasty thoughts, and Sae receives various ○○ in the battle with the violators. Still, she wants to protect her favorite world, and she manages to repel powerful violators.
“No, I’m definitely going to be a magical girl and protect Sae.”
Her best friend Shoko, who by chance showed her talent as a witch, heard Sae’s battle so far, and she herself. He says he will fight as a magical girl. She is the 14th newly born wizard.
――However, the shadow of a powerful violator sneaked up in front of them.