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Mahou Shoujo Sae episode 1

a magical girl? It was an unbelievable situation waiting for Sae to return from the school. Suddenly, a girl about 20 cm tall who appeared in her room and was about 20 cm tall was approaching to “become a magical girl.” “I’m Emit, the fairy of Etherland. I asked the Queen to assist Sae,” and the fairy states her amazing mission entrusted to Sae …. Invaders from another world, commonly known as “violators,” who come to the human world by committing contraindications from another world, Etherland, in an attempt to devour the energy of human “thoughts” in order to obtain more powerful magical power. The girl was found by the Queen of Etherland to have the magical qualities to fight them.

Those who are sucked by the violators become weakened and lethargic. Certainly, there were many people around Sae who fell into this symptom. This is because the violators gather because of Sae’s strong thoughts. However, if the violator is defeated, the thought will return to the victim and recover. And she says she has that power. At first she refused to talk too crazy, but for her kind-hearted girlfriend, this fact couldn’t be overlooked, and she finally agreed. As a magical girl she will fight the offender. ――But Sae didn’t know yet that the violators had different tastes and many liked nasty thoughts.