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Mesu Kyoushi 4: Kegasareta Kyoudan episode 6

Asahi, an art female teacher who is attracting attention for her mascot-like cuteness because of her childish appearance.
However, she is also a complex for herself, and although she appeals for adultness, the place where she gets sloppy and rags is exactly the opposite of an adult woman. ..
His intention to set Asahi as her next target was to think that squirming her would give her a different sensation than purely attacking her female teacher.
Asahi’s appearance, which turned into an extreme taste and cried while squirming, was full of her excitement that transcended her sense of immorality.
Asahi is angry at the fact that he is obediently expressing her impressions of her, and that is the basis of the complex.
She has an attitude that she is not a child enough to scream because of this.
On the contrary, Asahi, who easily falls into his operation without knowing that it arouses her atrocity, throws her young limbs into the next rough sea of ​​○○. ……