Raccoon Of The Green Spider



During her journey, Raccoon of the Green encountered a giant spider in a cave, blocking her path. She immediately entered a state of combat, swinging her massive sword down upon the spider. It seemed like an easy victory, but to her surprise, the spider was not alone. Countless baby spiders crawled out from the fallen spider’s corpse, approaching her. Helpless, Raccoon of the Green was bound by the webs released by the spiders and subjected to their ruthless assault, enduring countless acts of humiliation and brutality.

The spiders continued their relentless attack on her, making the cave resound with the sounds of flesh tearing and bodily fluids scattered. Trapped in this desolate cave, she suffered in agony, and her desperate screams filled the air. Despite the dire situation, the spiders showed no mercy and kept her alive, leaving her to endure an unending cycle of torment. The question of why they spared her life remained unanswered, and she clung to the slim hope of finding a way out.