akira brave777 SP April 2023 Hakui Koyori


Japanese title: 2023年SP4月 博衣こより01

Akira Brave777’s new hentai animation project, “Hakui Koyori,” aired on April 23, 2023, with a runtime of 43 minutes. The story revolves around a young girl named Koyori, who is known for her energetic and cheerful personality, much like Shirakami Fubuki, a popular anime character.

Initially, Koyori was considered one of the most “seiso” members of her generation, meaning pure or innocent, along with Kazama Iroha. However, this perception changed when she started to reveal her perverted side, dropping innuendos and displaying knowledge in NSFW fictions.

The animation studio, Akira Brave777, is known for producing high-quality hentai series with an unique characters. “Hakui Koyori” is no exception, as it explores the duality of human nature and how we all have different sides to our personalities.