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Manin Densha episode 1

Akira Mizuno is a newcomer railroad guard who is a first-year member of society. That day, Akira caught a man who was involved in the act of “voyeurism” at home, and was interviewing a female student, Yuzu Nanase, who was injured. The one who jumped in there was Sayaka Sendo, a beautiful office lady on the way to work who said she caught her molester herself. Coincidentally, Sayaka was Akira’s high school classmate. Sayaka is an office lady who is an office worker, but she has a job at a first-class company, and she has a high-handed personality that looks down on Akira who can not be said to be physical labor.

Sayaka calls the night crystal house. She seems to have been molested on the train on her way home. Sayaka begins to talk in an unimaginably upset state from her high-flying daytime-it was a new molester called “word blame”. Akira feels her anger and her heartbeat in the words of her Sayaka, who speaks in an excited tone. The next day, Akira visits Sayaka to hear more about her, and witnesses the whole story of the molester who even appeared at her company, defeating Sayaka’s finest limbs.

Akira, who still doesn’t know the man, just stares at the technique of molester who gropes every corner of Sayaka’s limbs and drives her into estrus while she is bathed in her obscene words one after another. rice field. She feels her envy at the appearance of her Sayaka, who even Amatsu shakes her ass and begs herself. “No, this is it! Such an unforgivable man, I’ll definitely catch you!” Akira was about to open the door to her extraordinary life …