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Manin Densha episode 3

Molester specializing in girls … Commonly known as “Corporal”. His target this time is Yuzu Nanase, who is characterized by an immature limb that still remains stiff and a tongue-in-cheek tone.
And Yuzu’s friends, Miki Tokito, who have a bulge that makes you feel like a woman in contrast.

Yuzu is tampered with from the top of shorts with an obscene whisper on the train on the way to school. Miki tries to help her escalate, but she is driven to a women-only car next to her.
Miki, who has no choice but to stare at Yuzu’s foolery through the door … Yuzu’s hips gradually become glossy as a woman, and the proof of the girl hidden behind it is relentlessly tampered with by the rugged fingers.

The girls who can forcibly pry open the innocent body with the remaining hardness increase the dripping with the joy of further shame … The immature
body that drips moistly in the sweaty car. There is no stopover in your crotch (non-stopover) in the innocent whisper that increases with the whispered profanity!