Seika Jogakuin Kounin Sao Ojisan episode 1

A complete animation of the popular doujin series based on  Gatari Sensei, who draws a middle-aged male prostitute hired by a young lady school and a schoolgirl’s dirty sex!
One of the most prestigious private schools in Japan.
There, she hired a male prostitute for the comfort of her students.
Tonight’s male prostitute was nominated by Tomoe Kisaragi, a school girl who wrote a picture of the neatness of long black hair.
However, she is a female who has a plump body and strong sexual desire that can not be thought of as a student if she peels it off.
She releases her normally suppressed sexual desire, deep kisses as soon as she enters a love hotel, fucking from a greedy blowjob, and continues to squeeze the spirit of a middle-aged male prostitute with raw squirrels that are repeated while pleasure goes on …!