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Seika Jogakuin Kounin Sao Ojisan episode 2

A complete animation of the popular doujin series based on Kurosune sensei, which depicts the dirty sex of middle-aged male prostitutes and school girls hired by a young lady’s school!
A middle-aged man who was hired as a school-certified male prostitute by the principal of a private Seika Jogakuin was called by a slender sports girl, Misakura Kato, who had a dazzling sunburn mark and came to a love hotel.
Misakura, who is attracting attention as a track and field athlete, has a propensity to get excited when seen by men, and to release stress before the tournament, he decided to distribute sex as a hobby with her favorite prostitute, and raw sex on distribution to all over the world, she who got excited when she was doing it, took off her mask …