Toshi Densetsu Series episode 3


Hachishaku …… A woman over 2 meters in a white hat and dress.
And it seems that he only appears in front of the boys … Sho, who was listening nearby, thinks it’s a silly story and leaves the place.

Sho hears a strange noise in an unpopular alley while returning home.
When I looked into it with curiosity, I found a tall woman who was sucking on the exposed lower body of a person.

Sho, who was convinced that he was Mr. Yasaku, who heard in the rumor, escapes from fear to his home. However, Hachishaku has come to his house and is hitting the window.
Although scared, Sho, who expected the big breasts wrapped in one piece and the neat facial features to be naughty, invited Hachishaku to the room.