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Toshi Densetsu Series episode 1

A ghost story was transmitted to the school where Megumi Okuda serves.
A long time ago, a girl student named Hanako Hasegawa was violently beaten by a janitor in the classroom, and the shock caused her to jump out of the classroom and commit suicide. She died unemployed, she couldn’t become a Buddhahood, and she was still wandering around the school …
Megumi Okuda, who is not good at scary things, was terrifyingly patrolling the school. Unused toilet. The closed door has an atmosphere that seems to come out.
However, beyond the door, there was a toilet that turned into a Japanese-style living space.
The girl, who was relaxing while sipping tea on the chabudai, floated in the air when she noticed Okuda’s existence, and she approached him while still floating.
Okuda pulls her hips out. Her red jumper skirt, bob hair, she was undoubtedly a school ghost story, Hanako-san in the toilet.
Okuda was frightened by her encounter with Hanako, but her first voice was surprising.