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Toshi Densetsu Series episode 2

One day, Eguchi was given a videotape by a friend. He wants you to check the contents.
On its back was written, “If you see it, you will die. Don’t see it! Never see it.”
I tried to turn down Eguchi, who felt unpleasant for some reason, but my friend wouldn’t give up because only Eguchi had something close to an antique item such as a VCR.
In the end, Eguchi reluctantly acknowledged that he would buy his friend’s grilled meat.

When I return home and play the video, I see a screen of a long-haired woman standing in an alley somewhere.
Noise runs on the screen. I feel that the figure of a woman looks clearer than before.
But it’s not because of her mind, and every time there is noise on the screen, she approaches the screen as if she walks up to me.
When her face hidden in her bangs is projected to fill the screen, the image ends there and the screen goes dark.
But a video with a meaningful label couldn’t end there.
A hand emerged from the darkened screen and slowly came out to this side.
Eguchi pulls back and backs off in the same position.
Not only her hand but also the woman in the previous video was about to come out of the TV screen with an eerie smile.
As she tried to get out of it completely, she circumvented her feet on the edge of her screen and fell off her head.

Approaching her fainted woman. Eguchi stares at her big boobs and she begins
her sexual mischief despite her unusual existence.