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Renketsu Houshiki episode 3

Mio Fukada attends a famous girls’ school. She was a young lady with good looks and excellent grades, and she was the envy of all the students in the school.
However, she felt alienated from her distance from the surroundings.
At that time, she sees a girl student forced by a boy student at her prep school.
She tries to call someone, but a word from her boy stops the move.
“You don’t have any friends …” The girl student being attacked was very similar to herself.
And the girls are left to be the boys. She has a plump chest, is grabbed by a sharp penis, and is dyed with cloudy semen.
The schoolgirl gets fucked by a penis and scatters her virginity, but gradually her voice becomes sweeter and she begins to receive her first cock.
Mio looks at the situation. At the end, when she sees a girl student looking at her expression of joy, Mio comes up with something.
At night, Mio blindfolds herself in a corner of the city, reveals her secret, and speaks to a passing man.
While handing her handcuffs, “Please restrain me with this … and commit me …” Will the honor student be unable to endure loneliness and drown in lust … or … can find her true connection Is it?
Her long night begins.