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Renketsu Houshiki episode 1

Keisuke is told by his mother that his father has cancer and is old and short. He is secret to himself and Keisuke’s younger sister, Misaki.
And he is begged to take over his family’s liquor store. Keisuke had no lover, but he happened to be able to marry a former colleague who was interested in the words of marriage. Rejoicing mother and father. However, only his sister Misaki could not congratulate Keisuke’s marriage. Because Keisuke and Misaki were not just brothers and sisters. The two cross the line of brothers and sisters, and they love each other every night, and even on the night of the day when Keisuke’s marriage partner, who was a brother and sister who fell into a forbidden relationship, visited the house, they devour each other’s bodies. Misaki puts a sign of Keisuke’s desire in her mouth and licks it. Keisuke plays with Misaki’s female part and plays with her fingers. Misaki says after reaching each other.
“Misaki only sees her brother. She’s been around since she was born …”
Keisuke doesn’t accept Misaki’s thoughts and says:
“Make you a man too …” she said.
Keisuke tries to keep her distance from Misaki when she gets married, but Misaki does not leave her brother.
“Misaki is only for her brother, no one else likes it … believe? Because she was about to be lonely … Misaki was born for her …”
Keisuke chooses Is it a normal life that is blessed by others, or is it a forbidden love that drowns in lust and lust …