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Renketsu Houshiki episode 2

Men and women walking in the middle school building. However, in an unpopular room, the man takes off the mask with a gentle expression. The man who reveals his true nature attacks the schoolgirl.
“Why do you do this? It’s decided because you want to do it!”
Hirayama is a beautiful boy who is mistaken for a girl at first glance. Nakayama is fooled by such appearance and gentle attitude. Nakayama roughly scatters her virginity with a huge penis that can not be imagined from her face.
The two people who are familiar with Hirayama are “Morikawa” and “Aikawa”.
Two people playfully put on Hirayama’s schoolgirl uniform. However, Hirayama’s penis goes through two female students.
And Hirayama’s poisonous fangs extend not only to beautiful girls in the school but also to teachers.
Hirayama’s violence does not stop, and he overruns the school.