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Princess Knight Catue episode 2

A 7-day contract.

Princess Katya of the Dragon Land, Dragundara, takes a bet on the invading demon Guignol to save her kingdom’s people, and her parents, King Lawrence and her queen Nina. It became a thing.
The bet is that if you can complete all Guignol’s orders for seven days, you will be able to retreat the demon army that has defeated the kingdom.
She lost the battle, and Katya, whose sword was broken, had no choice but to accept the bet.

Guignol’s sneaky plot.
Being teased by soldiers of the kingdom who believed to be her companion, her virginity was scattered by an ugly pig tribe in front of her fiancée, Jin.
As early as the second day, Katya’s spirit and her body had reached their limits.

–Third day.
A cutie surrounded by demons who have exposed her ferocious instinct. She is thrust at a number of meat sticks and she is violently teased.
She repeatedly releases a large amount of spirit into her body that cannot be taken all by, but at Guignol’s command she is not allowed to expel it.
A swollen belly. A widening meat hole. Her consciousness goes away and her head is about to go crazy.
However, the demons just stick a meat stick into the body of the Katyu and end up with her instinct.
Eventually, Katya turns into a soup bag that spouts sperm from her female meat hole like a fountain just by pushing her belly …!

Meanwhile, Katya’s mother, Queen Nina, also continued to be exposed to Guignol’s lewdness.
She was given Guignol’s body fluid, which has an aphrodisiac effect, and she was in estrus.
On top of that, he is ordered to associate with Jin, who is the fiancée of Katya.
Jin raises a voice of restraint. However, the voice does not reach her estrus Nina, she dyes her cheeks, rolls her testicles with her tongue, and presses her pussy against his face.
And at the moment when her pleasure completely loses her reason in Nina, she finally leads Jin’s cock to her ripe meat jar.
Queen Nina who is violently disturbed, crazy, and falls. To that lust, even Jin finally went crazy for her … and without the knowledge of Katya, her mother and her fiancé fell into the darkness of deep pleasure.

–Day 4.
A cutie with the limits of mind and body. Still, she squeezes her energy and challenges her bet.
What appeared in front of her was the tentacle demon that Guignol summoned.
Numerous tentacles are entwined one after another with the limbs of the Katyu who are terrified by the horrifying appearance.
A tentacle demon who tears her clothes, squeezes her whole body, and rubs it.
Intense lust. Katya is led to the climax while raising a scream of disgust.
However, even so, she was not given time to rest, and the tentacles entered the loose vaginal hole without hesitation.
Furthermore, a cutie who is screwed into anal and has convulsions in agony with double hole torture.
But her nightmare doesn’t end there. The tentacles plant eggs in the body of the Katyu.
It doesn’t end ○○ Acme egg birth hell. And after a series of climaxes, the cutie who excreted countless eggs is finally …!