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Seito Kaichou Hikaru episode 1

St. Maris Academy, a training institution for demon hunters.
Among them, the elite Hikaru Izumi, Seira Kamiya, and Yuki Ayatsuji were in a fierce battle with the demon Bamurus who had invaded the school for themselves.
However, Hikaru and his friends are defeated by Bamurus by the attack of Kotone, a school teacher who has become a servant of the demon, and he falls into the hands of the demon.
Seira, who has a high pride, wears anal, and Yuki, who wears her neat shrine maiden clothes, shakes her big tits in her humiliation and pleasure as she continues to be teased by demons.
On the other hand, Hikaru is agitated in the womb with the hymen left behind by the fine tentacles operated by Bamurus.
Hikaru was full of humiliation when she was tossed by a demon who hates her, but while she was relentlessly agitated in the womb who did not yet know the taste of semen, her body was dominated by unknown pleasures and she got her first acme. You will be made to experience it.
Hikaru and his friends endured humiliation but looked for an opportunity to fight back, but the black desires of the demons dragged the three into the infinite hell of ○○ and ○○.