Inda no Himekishi Janne episode 2


Princess Jeanne, who fell into the trap of the enemy Ogre Chief Gido, was treated as if she were XX in the castle.
Queen Celine, who is also treated like a concubinage of Gido, continues to be the outlet for Gido’s desires, and she is on the verge of falling with her ripe body carved with the baptism of her male. rice field.
Jeanne continued to resist her, but was steadily being eroded by the trap of “body modification” set by Guido-the parasite that continues to grow in the womb is like a male genital organ from Jeanne’s crotch. Let the meat stick grow and enjoy the unknown pleasure of ejaculation. A nightmare scenario was underway in which she absorbed the holy power that Jeanne allegedly inherited from an angel and released it out of her body in the form of her ejaculation.
When her spirit was exhausted, it meant that Jeanne had lost her power as her guardian angel and became her mere woman, no, a female who gave in to Ogre.
The pleasures of her ejaculation were tremendous and couldn’t stand Jeanne, who had lived her ascetic life. Jeanne loses her self and finally attacks Celine’s body. Jeanne broke into the womb of a woman who was her father’s second wife but called her mother, and she was as angry as her boss and repeated her vaginal ejaculation. At the end of her repeated climax, she is waiting for her mother-daughter and her nightmare moment to expose her belly. The angel was just falling …