Shishunki Sex episode 1


Akane finds Okazaki and others who are enjoying bringing erotic books into the classroom and pay attention.
Her serious and rigid personality made her more harsh than ever because she hated things in her hands.
On her way home after school, Akane remembered that she was teased by Okazaki and was shown the pages of an erotic book, and she was indignant.
Of course, such Okazaki has already been sanctioned by Tekken.
Still, the erotic book was falling as if to mock her uncomfortable Akane.
She didn’t want to touch Akane, but she’s in a prominent place, so if you try to move her to a place that isn’t visible, the page will open when you grab the edge of her book.
Akane, who couldn’t look away from the page she opened, though she shouldn’t like it, took a crazy action.