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Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea episode 1

Hua Ren, also known as Utea Charm, and Mitsuki, also known as Utea Grace, contracted with the mysterious creature Clio and fought against monsters as magical warriors.
One day, in order to purify the demon beast that appeared in the school, the two transform into Utea, but Mitsuki is caught by the tentacles of the demon beast.
She smashes her demon beast with a furious Karen’s special move, but immediately after that, Karen is blown into a strange space.
There, Mitsuki was humiliated by her genitals being picked up by her large number of tentacles by the demon beast that she should have defeated.
Hua Ren, who cannot hide her surprise,
accepts the tentacles of the demon beast instead of her in order to save Mitsuki with Clio’s advice.