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Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea episode 2

Utea Charm (Huaren) and Utea Grace (Mizuki) contracted with the mysterious creature Clio and spent
days fighting horny beasts as magical warriors.
In order to reduce the burden of Hua Ren, who was exhausted in a series of battles, Mitsuki challenges a strong enemy by herself, but caresses her
breasts and the crotch of a magical girl who grew up richly by a horny beast that mimics her father and brother. It is done and
a body fluid with an aphrodisiac effect is poured by a kiss.

Mitsuki who is swallowed by the immoral pleasure that the father and brother who respects while understanding that it is a fake and seeks to recognize himself as a woman and
the blame of a horny beast that stimulates the whole body violently and delicately will
soon be aggressive She devours a meat stick and conceives a baby beast by vaginal cum shot.

The magical girl who fell into a loop of flesh that her mother was violated again by the horny beast she gave birth to …