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Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea episode 4

On the night of the crescent moon, Tachibana Hojoji and Tsubaki Reibitsu are raped by a horny beast in the destroyed city.
Charm (evil) and grace (evil) appear in front of semen-covered Tachibana incense and camellia all over the body.
Charm (evil) offers a stick to Tachibana Kaori and Tsubaki, saying, “If you want to escape from suffering, take this stick.” Tachibana Kaori and Tsubaki reach for
a terrifying stick while feeling uncomfortable with the charm (evil) and Grace (evil), which have a distinctly different atmosphere from when they met before .
A purification space spreads around the two who picked up the stick, and
Tachibana Kaori and Tsubaki transform into Utea Citrus (evil) and Utea Chilly (evil), becoming horny beasts.