Doukyuusei Remake The Animation episode 2


It’s all about living that last summer vacation of high school to the fullest. The protagonist,  Kazuki, decides to spend the first half of his break working his butt off at a part-time job. And boy, does he make bank! Now, with his pockets lined with cash, Kazuki is ready to embark on his ultimate mission: picking up chicks! But there’s a catch. His childhood friend, Satomi Kurokawa, works at a cozy little café and catches his eye. She’s got this irresistible charm, you know? But wait, there’s more! Enter Maiko Sakuragi, the ultimate dream girl and the envy of all the guys at school. She’s from a high-class family and has everyone crushing on her. And guess what? Kazuki gets to meet her too! As the story unfolds, Kazuki encounters various characters, each revealing surprising sides of themselves. And you know what happens next? Sparks fly, connections deepen, and love blossoms in the most unexpected ways. It’s gonna be a wild ride, my friend. So buckle up and get ready for a summer of passion and romance!