Oni Chichi episode 2


Akizuki’s eldest daughter “Marina”. Marina, Airi’s older sister, is a big tits and neat honor student. She’s happy to have a boyfriend lately … Her father, Kozo, isn’t very interesting to her beloved daughter. If another man could take my daughter, I would …forcibly stop Marina trying to stay at her boyfriend’s house in the name of studying with a friend.
She is different from her usual neat and obedient daughter, Marina staring with surprise and hatred. From that cute mouth,
“No, I’m different from my usual dad … That’s my dad, I’m Kirai .
“…. When Marina knelt down, she pressed a raging meat stick against her cheek, tampered with the tightly tightened leggings, and covered her with crying and distorted Marina. In front of “Masato”, there was a long blonde girl running up in a hurry …