Sotsugyou XX Densha episode 2


Bunta Kusade is still standing behind us today.
His longing female teacher, Nanoka Nakajima.
In front of him is Kanoko Nakajima, a woman who looks a lot like Nanoka.
Bunta, who plans to create memories with Kanoko, continues to drown in memories with Nanoka at the same time.
Nanoka’s ass that I suddenly saw.
Bunta once couldn’t resist the underwear and her limbs swaying indecently through her stockings.
And now, Kanoko’s thick ass is shaking in front of her.
Her ass wrapped in her tight skirt trembles as if to invite a man, and Bunta’s gaze is nailed as she is invited.
A pervert man who sways between reason and desire reaches out for the devil.

A teacher of memories and two women on a crowded train.
It smells the same as the teacher … Do you like me?