Sotsugyou XX Densha episode 3


Bunta Kusade is waiting for Kanoko Nakajima today as well.
She appeared and was unusually drunk.
Bunta is impatient when she learns that her farewell party has been held.
Bunta recalls the memory of parting with Nanoka to Kanoko who wanders unreliably.
Nanoka was making the last memories in Bunta’s room.
Drunk with her, she aggressively sought him.
Two people who are connected.
The last thing Nanoka revealed was her pregnancy with her fiancé …
Touching that memory, Bunta realizes Kanoko’s true identity.
The female meat that grew up as richly as her mother, the daughter of a loved one, is right in front of me.
Bunta’s desire explodes in that fact.
A pervert man who connects from the past to the present reveals his true nature.
Delusions and reality that get mixed up in a crowded train.
A mixed confusion strips the woman in front of him.