Konbini Shoujo Z episode 1


A mallet of righteousness to shoplifters.
Convenience store transforms into a condemnation box garden …
The stores it manages have been asking for the infamy of being one of the top three shoplifting rates in Japan.
After being blamed by the headquarters, “I” finally turns to retaliation for shoplifting demons ….
Store manager “I will be the one who harms the perpetrators.”
The prey this time is the underground idol, Zenmyo Tsutsumi Mei.
Place traps, seize weaknesses, and chase down.
1. If you come to the store, we will support the cash register. First of all, you should increase the chances of visiting the store. Use casual communication to get rid of your alertness and increase your purchasing motivation.
2, grasp the customer’s preference. Induce conversations and find out what products you want.
3, purchase of products. We have the items that customers want to pick up. Display it on the product shelves.
4, Now, set the surveillance camera. Prepare to control the shoplifting site prior to the target’s visit.
5, secure, and cross-examination ──. To recover the stolen goods, catch your luggage and touch your body. Peel off clothes one by one, and … the
manager “Gather evidence, eliminate all emotions, judge with my law and iron lumps. That’s my justice and Providence.”