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Koi Maguwai episode 1

A silver fox walking along the main street meets a traveling merchant man.
The man’s name is Yujiro. He was a grown-up figure of a boy who once helped his silver fox.
The silver fox raises Yujiro as a guest to the private room of the Yukaku.

The silver fox was in love with him, but disappeared in front of him for fear of sucking his spirit with his instinct.
And Yujiro couldn’t forget her silver fox and was looking for her while working as a travel merchant.
The silver fox, which is unbearable because of nostalgia, returns to the appearance of a demon fox and lips with Yujiro.

A silver fox whose dick gets wet with a little caress. He squeezes Yujiro’s semen with fucking just in return.
Continue to straddle Yujiro’s cock at the woman on top posture, and the silver fox swings himself.