Houkago no Yuutousei episode 1


“Paradise Found Part 1 / Part 2”
“Mitsuru” lives as a helper at the house of his uncle who runs a guest house on an island in the Nansei Islands.
Orthodox beautiful girl “Sentoyo Ishiwatari”. “Tomorrow Sawa Yasumi” is a shy and honor student.
What “Sentosei” and “Yasumi” have in common is that they have a strong libido.

The islanders want to have sex, but it’s a hassle to go out with each other …
Anyway, if I have time, I sucked Ji Po and became an outlet for suppressed sex.
Neat? Honor student? Pretty? Such words fit into a nasty, lascivious and lustrous figure like a lie …
Eventually, the time has passed and the time of decision …

Includes “Paradise Found Part 1 / Part 2” from the original “Honor Student After School”