Houkago no Yuutousei episode 2


“In the case of Mr. Yuzaka”
Natsume and Yuzaka, who have been dating for two months, had normal H almost every day, but were a little tired.
Yuzaka asked her to take a Gonzo shot in Natsume because of what happened when she went to visit her friend Seta’s house.
Until then, Yuzaka remained silent when she did H, but when she was turning her camera, she was very erotic and her actions escalated.

“In the case of Mr. Seta” Seta, who
has experienced various things in spite of her soberness, was away from home at her friend Yuzaka’s house, and her younger brother Shu served tea.
I was attracted to his cute and shy appearance, and the devil was inserted.
After that, when Yuzaka wasn’t at her home, she had sex repeatedly, and Shu got hooked on Seta’s body.